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Super Seeds
for Super Kids!

Seedibles adds a powerful nutritional boost to all of your kids' meals! Use our CinnaWow mix for all the "sweet" things your child loves to eat. It's great on oatmeal, yogurt, mixed in pancakes or cookies!

QuinoaCool is the perfect addition to lunches, snacks or dinners. It can blend in with pastas, tacos even grilled cheese sandwiches. Your child won't even know it's there.

Both CinnaWow and QuinoaCool are packed with protein, fibre and omega 3 fats all derived from their super seed ingredients.

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What are super seeds? Super seeds are the super heroes of the food family! They are a natural, minimally processed, or unprocessed food that can add a punch of nutrients with their reported health benefits that go beyond their nutritional profiles.

Our products all have the same base of flax, hemp, quinoa and amaranth and then have all natural spices blended in to make great flavours.



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"My five year old is such a picky eater,  He devoured his dinner none the wiser and I felt good knowing I had given him some nutrition!"

— Jenn, Seedibles Customer


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Meet The
Seedibles Team

Melissa still considers herself a new mom even though her child is almost two. When not making Seedibles she can be found at the Royal City Farmers Market and at many food centered events around New Westminster. Melissa has a new found passion for yoga which she hopes counteracts all the wine drinking with other new moms.

Freyja is the mom of Amelia (our 4 yr old Super Kid!). When not making Seedibles, she can be found in her home office, designing up a storm, or walking with her family along the Quayside boardwalk. She shares Melissa's passion for wine drinking and has taken up yoga as well… for similar reasons. If you can't find Freyja on the boardwalk or at home, make sure to stop by the local coffee shop and you'll be sure to spot her!

What's all the fuss about anyway?