How My Kid Was Not Going to Be A Picky Eater

During my pregnancy with our son Logan I never thought once that I would have a picky eater. This kid was going to eat ALL THE FOODS. After all I had read ALL THE BOOKS! I was prepared, we were going to have four course meals a la "French Kids Eat Everything" and I had bought the beautifully laid out "Bebe Gourmet"  to make exquisite baby food that even Gordon Ramsay couldn't criticize.

Everything started off so well! Our eager eater started eating solids at six months and wanted foods full of flavour and variety. I was thrilled! Look at me, all that reading and studying and figuring out strategies ahead of time paid off. Then the sixteen month sleep regression happened and everything fell apart. 

There were days when all Logan would eat were peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and maybe some fruit. I agonized over what to do. What the hell had happened to my good eater? Where had I gone wrong? Like most moms I'm sure, I totally blamed myself. I had lost control over the eating habits of this tiny person and all of a sudden he realized he could decide what he would and wouldn't eat. That right there for a Type A person like me is TERRIFYING.

My husband and I are raising Logan to follow a plant based diet and because of that I've always been hyper aware about what he eats and the nutrients he consumes. Since, at that point, his diet consisted of mostly carbs I needed to feel confident that I was including extra nutrients that would help him continue to grow and thrive.

That's where Seedibles was born! In my kitchen I researched, ground, mixed and blended different combinations of super seeds to increase the nutritional content of whatever he would actually eat that day. He got to continue eating those blasted sandwiches and I felt the mom guilt lessen... a little bit :) After all it never really goes away does it?

At two and a half our little guy is now a Big Boy (so he tells us) and while we aren't quite out of the picky eating woods just yet he is willing to try different foods. We talk about flavours, textures and what he likes and doesn't like and now instead of sneaking Seedibles into all his meals he asks for it by name. I like to think that is what progress looks like!