Easy Vegan Egg Replacers

Confession time. Up until recently I was terrified of making anything with "Aquafaba". What is Aquafaba you ask? It's the stuff you pour down the drain when you empty out a can of chickpeas. Why would anyone think that this slightly stinky liquid would be the next big thing of vegan baking is totally beyond me. Apparently it was discovered by a software engineer in the US who was looking for a way to make eggless meringue. There's actually an entire website dedicated to Aquafaba!

I discovered the Aquafaba Cookbook in Portland recently and after I flipped through it I finally felt brave enough to take it on. When I got home I poured out my chickpeas (added them to a salad...yum!) and poured the liquid in a mason jar. And then stared at it.

Since my son is currently on a veggie strike I decided to make him some vegetable infused muffins. I pureed sweet potatoes and carrots and used CinnaWOW + Aquafaba for an egg replacer.

Aquafaba Egg Replacer (Equal to One Egg)

1 tbsp CinnaWOW
4 tbsp Aquafaba
Mix together and let sit for five minutes

I was dubious about it working and was surprised to find that the muffins were fluffy and light. This past weekend I made waffles with the same egg replacer recipe. I'm not lying when I tell you they were awesome and crunchy in a Leggo my Eggo kid or I'll ground you - kind of way!

If you are like me and feel queasy about using Aquafaba I totally get it. I was there too. I managed to work through my fear of this particular food and I prevailed. I know in my heart that you can to. Not ready to take that leap yet? Here are other CinnaWOW egg replacer ideas:

CinnaWOW Egg (Equal to One Egg)

1 tbsp CinnaWOW
3 tbsp water
Mix together and let sit for five minutes.


1 tbsp CinnaWOW
1/4 cup applesauce
Mix together and let sit for five minutes

If you have any questions regarding substituting eggs in your recipes please comment below and I will do my best to assist you!