Are Seedibles just for kids?

Seedibles are fun for the whole family. Add them to all your family meals!

Are Seedibles gluten free?

While the ingredients themselves can be considered gluten free we can not guarantee that the product has not received any cross contamination within our kitchen facility.

Are Seedibles vegan?

Seedibles are 100% vegan. There are no dairy, meat or egg ingredients in our products.

How should I store this product?

When flax and hemp seeds are first ground they begin to lose their important omega 3 fat properties. This is why we highly recommend storing Seedibles either in the fridge or the freeze so that it can retain it's nutritional value as long as possible. Once opened Seedibles has a shelf life of four weeks in the fridge.

Who took the awesome photos of your #seedibles kids?

Our beautiful photographs were taken by Sara Paley Photography. Sara can help you celebrate memories and creative occasions with modern yet timeless photography. Sara is based in Burnaby and can shoot on location in your home, backyard, or other place that is meaningful to you. 

Why aren't you in big box stores?

We are still new and deciding where we'd like our products to be sold! In the meanwhile you can find us at farmers markets or you can shop from our online store.

How do I order wholesale?

Please contact us directly at seedibles@gmail.com or call 778-235-7020 for wholesale orders.

Will you be adding more flavours?   

Yes! We will have two new flavours/products later this year.