Seedibles in the News

Photo by Nikki Hurst

Photo by Nikki Hurst

S is for Seedibles

So what’s in this super blend, you ask? Both Seedibles varieties (CinnaWOW & Quinoa Cool) contain the following food items in ground form (their best absorbed form!):





Do you know what this combination of nutrients brings to the table? (literally….) Fibre! Protein! Omega-3 Fatty Acids! Vitamin A! Calcium! Iron! Not to mention, a great dose of B-12 in the Quinoa Cool, thanks to one of my favourite additions to any meal: Nutritional Yeast.


Good Morning Muffin - Literally Life

Such an endearing little word, I call my kids muffin all the time! It just sounds cute, cuddly and something you want to squeeze…. ok maybe a little off topic. Its early, my little muffins are still snoozing and its a school day where hot lunch is not exactly going to be bringing that many healthy adds to the diet but at least it gives me a morning without packing 3 lunch boxes. I hear the joyous chorus of YES!! ringing across West Vancouver as parents agree its a little moment of guilty pleasure knowing hot lunch has saved you from the mounds of plastic to pack and wash!

breakfast television.JPG

Farmers Market Feature - Breakfast Television

Melissa and Freyja make their Breakfast Television debut chatting about the importance of farmers markets and their new product - Seedibles. Check out other market friends Earth Apple Organic Farm, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, frostbites, Marie's Guilt Free Bakery, and Odd Society Spirits as they showcase their products!

A very special thank you to the BC Association of Farmers Markets for making this opportunity possible.


Yes I Have Picky Eaters - Adventurous Mama

Before I became a parent I read and read and read countless books and forums on how to grow your child to not be a picky eater. Feed them lots of new foods as the grow and when they get older they should have a love for most foods. I also said I would never feed my child McDonalds either, enter hysterical laughing now!


Cherry Banana Blast Smoothie - Turning Mommy

I know I post a lot of smoothies. However there are always new creations that I try, fall in love with and die to share! Plus, I really think it is a great way to pack in a lot of nutrition, can be extremely healthy and often filling. Furthermore, most of the time it is stuff I enjoy with the kids and find they drink it up.  So why not?

Given it is summer, aka cherry season, we have tonnes of cherries around. I wanted to make a cherry pop but ended up playing around and created this fun and yummy smoothie. Both Rayna and Caiden loved it!


Add a healthy punch with #Seedibles

Most kids are picky eaters.

It totally sucks when you’re trying to add variety into your mealtimes and your kids fight with you tooth and nail to eat the food that’s placed in front if them. Hubby and I even have to “assist” with getting the food from their forks into their mouths.

Yep…totally sucks! But we at least eat ours first. Kinda like the airplane instructions of getting the air mask on your face before assisting others.